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Why Footwork Fitness?
  • Because you think that you are "not coordinated enough" to learn to shuffle dance

  • Because someone once told you "shuffling is easy! Just do this!" But didn't actually EXPLAIN HOW to do it

  • Because you love the edm scene and want to immerse yourself even further into it

  • Because you want to expand, grow, challenge yourself, and learn something new

  • Because you want a better understanding of how your body works

  • Because you want to establish a better Brain/Body connection

  • Because you want to learn how to strengthen your muscles and increase your stamina

  • Because you want the confidence to dance to whatever moves you whenever you feel moved

  • Because you want to create new personal connections and become involved in a community that revolves around personal freedom and expression through music and movement

  • Because you want to dive even deeper into your footwork practice and learn the skills, drills, tips, and tricks that will help you level up

  • Because you want a teacher who will meet you where you are and will provide you with the tools to get you where you want to be

  • Because you want to be uplifted, empowered, and inspired

  • Because you want to have FUUUUNNNN!!!!

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