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1 on 1 Private Lessons

Are you a brand new shuffler and not sure where to start?

This is the place for you!
I will work with you 1 on 1 to give you instruction that is specifically tailored to your goals and ability level.   
We will start with the foundational movement patterns that are found within all of the current shuffle styles and address any body mechanics issues early on to set you up for success. From there, we will build upon the basics to help you find your natural flow. In our sessions, you can expect a short warm up, some movement assessment, new skills, drills, combos, and exercises to help you correct any imbalances. Videos are taken during each lesson and will be sent to you to assist you with practicing, reviewing, and tracking your progress!

Available in person (St Petersburg/Tampa) or Online via Zoom



$250/pack of 5

By Appointment Onl

Contact to schedule

Semi-Private Lessons

Book a session for you and up to 4 of your friends to build your skills together! 

In semi-private lessons, the instruction will be tailored to the preferences of your group. This is an excellent way to receive the benefits of more private/individualized instruction in a more cost effective way than 1 on 1 lessons. 

Spend some quality time and have a blast learning with your friends!

Available in person (St Petersburg/Tampa)

or Online via Zoom

Inquire for availability


2 friends: $39/person

3 friends: $33/person

4 friends: $28/person

5 friends: $24/person  

By Appointment Only

Contact to Schedule

Online Beginner Shuffle

In this class we will start by building body awareness and the technical foundations of shuffling, then put the skills to use with practical combos and drills.

Each class will begin with warmup including activations and conditioning. From there we will move into a technical breakdown of the fundamental skills.

We will finish class by learning some drills and combos that can be repeated to create muscle memory and improve endurance. 




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